Fauna production service unit was created with the purpose to supply the demand of a top-tier photographers, directors, and producers in a new era.


We are the first full production services company in Argentina specialized in high-quality Stills production for a global audience (Commercials, Fashion and editorial) but also delivering a full spectrum of content in motion.

Each day represent the rebirth of new challenges, "New Beginnings". When tempt to request production services in Argentina, Fauna a pioneer of high end photo production services, come up with the idea of collaborating with you. Let's give us a chance.

Cost-effective and Production Value

Reverse seasons from the Northern Hemisphere and up to 14 hours of sunlights in January's summers.


Outstanding DoP, Production Designers and Art directors, Stylists, VFX specialist, etc.


It offers talent of divers ethnics and Buenos Aires is often a popular choice for US an UK expats (over 100.000) including actors and voice-over artists. Between 1870 to 1960, approximately two million Italians immigrated to Argentina. It is also home to a notable Asian population with over 200.000 expats and over a million Argentines are of Asia descent (Chinese, Korean and Japanese). African descent is 0.4% of the total population.

Location Buenos Aires is the capital and primate city of Argentina

The warmest month in summers is January, with a daily average of 24.9 °C (76.8 °F) Winters are cool with mild temperatures during the day and chilly nights.[44] Highs during the season average 16.6 °C (61.9 °F) while lows average 8.3 °C (46.9 °F).

Always ahead of its times the modern architecture of Le Corbusier's relationship with Argentina spanned decades.

Variety recognizes Argentina the best film location double for London, Paris, Mumbai, or even anywhere in the USA for it glorious architecture.

Location Argentina. Epic landscapes & stunning scenery

The majestic Iguazú falls, soaring mountains (Aconcagua), valleys, luscious vineyards, wildlife-filled wetlands, jungles, glaciers, the Andes, Patagonia, grassland, different deserts and salt-flats.


Mean annual temperatures range from 5 °C (41 °F) in the far south to 25 °C (77 °F) in the north.

Rain season is most common in late autumn and winter along the central coast and in the Río de la Plata estuary.

Finally It's chock-full of rich Latin American Culture, friendly people, great nightlife, accommodation facilities and dining options.

  • Budgets
  • Breakdowns
  • Calendars
  • Location and Talent Scout – Office Base
  • Crew Scout
  • Storyboards
  • Marketing & Social Media

Important Labor Dates in Argentina 2023

  • January 1 New Year
  • February 20,21 Carnaval – March 24 DNMVJ
  • April 2 DVCGM
  • April 7 Holy Friday
  • May 1 Labor Day
  • May 25 RM
  • May 26 FPT
  • June 20 Manuel Belgrano
  • July 9 Independence Day
  • August 21 Grab. José de San Martin – October Cultural Diversity
  • September 16, 17 Jewish New Year – September 25 Rosh Hashaná
  • November 20 Soberanía Nacional
  • December 8 ICM
  • December 25 Christmas

Sustainability Cost: in the case the agency or brand would be aligned with us including sustainability costs in addition to the bid these would be likely to be around 1% on top of production service.

Fauna recognizes that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually looking at improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods, with regular review points. We subscribe to and follow the industry principles of Adgreen and Creast. We will encourage clients, suppliers and other interested parties to do the same, all whilst continuing to educate our employees and partners through relevant industry training.

Policy aims

We endeavor to

Comply with and exceed all relevant regulatory requirements. Continually improve and monitor environmental performance. Continually improve and reduce environmental impacts. Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions. Increase employee awareness and training.

Incorporate a green budget line to encompass sustainable production requirements.

Carbon Neutral Production

Carbon reduction is at the heart of FAUNA's environmental efforts, with carbon offsetting supplementary to this. We offset against our productions with our partners, social enterprise Just One Tree.

Work to reuse, repurpose and recycle across catering, set design and wardrobe.

Seek to use electric or solar power generators, low energy equipment and rechargeable batteries.

Use compostable and biodegradable products where possible. Call-sheets will state our green intentions and our carbon offsetting figure. Promote the use of remote production technologies.


Minimize the use of paper in the office.

Work to reuse, repurpose and recycle across catering, set design and wardrobe. Seek to buy recycled and recyclable paper products.

Reuse and recycle all paper where possible.

Energy and water

Seek to reduce the amount of energy used as much as possible.

Lights and electrical equipment will be switched off when not in use.

The energy consumption and efficiency of new products will be taken into account when purchasing.

Office supplies

Evaluate if renting/sharing is an option before purchasing equipment.

Evaluate the environmental impact of any new products we intend to purchase. Favour more environmentally friendly and efficient products wherever possible. Reuse and recycle everything we are able to.


Reduce the need to travel, restricting to necessity trips only.

Promote the use of travel alternatives such as e-mail or video/phone conferencing.

Make additional efforts to accommodate the needs of those using public transport or bicycles.

Favour "green" vehicle use.


Seek to using suppliers that have a green policy.

Studios, homes to our office that incorporates a number of green policies. Encourage our suppliers to provide sustainable alternatives.

Monitoring and improvement

Comply with and aim to exceed all relevant regulatory requirements. Continually improve and monitor environmental performance. Continually improve and reduce environmental impacts. Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions.

Increase employee awareness through training.

Review this policy and any related business issues at our monthly management meetings.


Involve staff in the implementation of this policy, for greater commitment and improved performance.

Update this policy at least once annually in consultation with staff and the partners where necessary.

Provide staff with relevant environmental training.

Work with suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to improve their environmental performance.

Use local labour and materials where available to reduce CO2 and help the community.

DEI: we embrace diversity, equity and inclusion

LGBTQIA+ rights in Argentina are among the most advanced in the world. Upon legalizing same sex marriage on 15 July 2010, Argentina became the first country in Latin America, the second in the Americas, and the tenth in the world to do so.

A new era